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P.O. Box 2084, Radio City Station, New York, NY, 10101-2084
ph: 646-457-2130  |  email: info@anjelliclecats.com
Anjellicle Cats Rescue - Save a Life, Gain a Friend!
Anjellicle Cats Rescue is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 Organization, and a member of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals.

Plenty of chances to meet our​ Rescued Kitties:

Adoption Events Every Weekend

Every Saturday @ Petco
86th and Lexington Avenue

Every SUNDAY @ Petco
Columbus Ave and 100th Street

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We are pleased to announce that Anjellicle Cats received a significant subsidy from Maddie's Fund related to the national 2013 Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days program. Thanks to this initiative, Anjellicle Cats adopted out 126 kitties, including 57 felines that qualified for the higher adoption subsidy based on their senior age and/or medical condition. The Maddie’s Pet Adoption Days event was a wonderful opportunity to find homes for so many cats as well as waive the adoption fee for qualified adopters.

The entire Maddie's Fund subsidy was directed to our staggering medical expenses. Thanks to the program's generosity, Anjellicle Cats was able to pay off 90% of our vet bills. Alleviating much of this debt has also allowed us to allocate resources to promising projects pushed aside as unrealistic due to lack of funds.

We thank Maddie's Fund for the opportunity to participate and look forward to new initiatives in 2014!
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Foster & Adoption Drive - Winter 2015!

Celebrate summer with a cat! Kitten season is here and the shelters are overflowing with homeless cats of all ages. Our foster homes are also full with cats we’ve pulled from ACC who are still waiting for their forever homes. We urgently need new fosters and adopters!  

We have many adorable, adoptable friendly adult cats and kittens looking for a second chance at a safe, loving home. Please open your home to a rescue cat and help us save more lives! 

Fosters and adopters are especially needed for:

  • Bottle babies & young kittens
  • Nursing moms & babies
  • Cats who want to be your only pet
  • Bonded pairs
  • Senior cats
  • Shy and semi-feral cats & kittens
  • Cats with behavioral challenges

Email us at foster@anjelliclecats.com or adopt@anjelliclecats.com.
Our foster and adoption coordinators will be happy to recommend cats who will be a good match for your home. 

Ready to get started? Fill out an application here.

Save a life. Gain a friend. Foster or adopt today!
Aloisia - Aloisia is a gorgie tortie. She is super affectionate and talkative, and loves to be pet on her head and body. 
Age:11 months / Female
Rubie had the misfortune of losing her home of five years when her owner moved into No Pets Housing. She is affectionate, curious and cuddly as well as being a rare orange girl. Rubie would be happiest as an only cat.
Breed:Domestic Shorthair/Purebred 
Age :7 years 3 months /
Sex : F
Our stunningly handsome Monty is easy going and affectionate. He's very interactive and loves to be around people. Monty also gets along with other friendly, outgoing cats like himself. He will bring immeasurable joy and love into your life!
Breed:Domestic Shorthair/ 
/ Age:2 years 7 months
Fieldfare aka Georgie
Thanks Chameleon John
for Supporting ACR
Koneko Cat Cafe

Anjellicle Cats Rescue is thrilled to announce our partnership with Koneko Cat Cafe in America's first Japanese cat cafe! 

All of the resident cats at Koneko are in ACR's care, whether from the ACC At-Risk List, a lucky stray, or a TNR candidate who was too sweet to release. 

Koneko Cat Cafe is located at 26 Clinton Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side. All of the cafe cats are available for adoption. 

Make reservations to visit the kitties at www.konekonyc.com.